Risograph printing for musicans.


We make it is a Risograph print studio, a library and exhibition space based in Berlin dedicated to artists, designers and people who love excellent and handcrafted printed matter. At We make it we provide our knowledge and experience to help people like you to get their zines, books and other printed matter published.

We are proud owner of a Risograph RZ1070, a FR3950 (Printing size is up to A3) driven by a PostScript Level3 RIP (allows us to print from PDF files directly) with 14 color drums: black, medium blue, blue, yellow, crimson, grey, green, hunter green, teal, brown, fluo pink, purple, orange and burgundy.
We also own

  • an A3+ folding machine
  • staple machine (loop staples possible)
  • hot foil embossing machine
  • A2 stack cutter
  • A3+ paper trimming machine
  • creasing machine
  • perforating machine
  • perfect binding machine
  • pad binding machine

Beyond that we have a good network of printers (screen, offset, mimeography), bookbinders and designers.

So we are ready for your ideas. Get in touch via contact form or mail with your project.