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»Design Ethnography«

»Beyond Design Ethnography« is a publication edited by Prof. Nicolas Nova along with Lysianne Léchot-Hirt of HEAD in Geneva (CH), and Fabienne Kilchör and Sebastien Fasel of Emphase.

The book describes a methodological approach of the use of ethnography in interaction design as an alternative to standard user-centered design.

The Book is available here!

»What do designers mean when they say they’re going to do ›ethnography‹ and ›field research‹? What are the relationships between observing people and designing products or services? Is there such a thing as a ›designerly‹ way of knowing people? This book is a report from a research project conducted at HEAD that addressed the role of people-knowing in interaction/media design. It describes the wide breadth of approaches used by designers to frame their work, get inspiration or speculate about plausible futures. This book presents practitioners’ tactics and illustrates them with several cases. Unlike many resources on user-centered design, it takes a broader approach to design by considering cases in which design is not only a problem-solving activity, but a tool to speculate about the near future, reformulate problems or propose a critical discourse on society. In doing so, this book helps de- signers, students and consultants to challenge their own perceptions and update their approaches.«

We are very happy to take care of printing and binding of this 142 paged book. It is printed in crimson and blue in a print run of 200 copies and comes with a red glue perfect binding. The screenprinted cover was done by Julien from Goofy Press.

Thanks to Emphase for the pictures and Tsitsi Roland for assisting us in binding the book.