Risograph printing for people.

Artists’ book »Vortices«

»Vortices« is an artists’ book by Ciarán Walsh in an edition of 100 copies. With 96 pages riso printed in black and ›swiss brochure‹ bound into a three color (blue, crimson, black) cover.

We did the design, printing and binding of this publication.

The recognisable forms of narrative fiction and the paper-back book are utilised to create an immersive, durational artwork. Through a strategy of détournement, the novella remixes the biography of French caver and chronobiologist Michel Siffre, the heritage of science-fiction novels, the mythology of space exploration, and concepts from museology and postcolonial theory, so as to create a remapping of the space of the Museum and a reflection on Stanislaw Lem’s inner/outer space dichotomy. The story unfolds to sketch out mental processes of encounter, wonder, unease, alienation and estrangement. — Ciarán Walsh