Risograph printing for aliens.

Exhibition »Colors unite! Shanghai«

During the Unfold 2018 Shanghai Art Book Fair (June 22nd to 25th, 2018) a selection of our color chart collection »Colors unite!« was exhibitied at the O Art Center. The collection was on view in occasion of the 2018 Aisa Risograph Conference taking place in the same location.
»Colors unite!« is part of our Herbrium Riso library.

Color charts and how-to tutorials by the following stencil printing studios were shown:
A Good Reason (MY) · Beast Studio (SE) · Binatang Press (ID) · Clown Kisses Press (US) · Color Library (CH) · Colorama (DE) · Colour Code (CA) · Corners (KR) · Countach Studio (FR) · De Kijm (NL) · Dizzy Ink (UK) · Do The Print (ES) · Endless Editions (US) · Estudio Pilha (BR) · Handsaw Press (JP) · Hurrikan Press (HU) · Inkchacha (HK) · Knust@Extrapol (NL) · Kulturbüro Zürich (CH) · M/K Press (NZ) · MeliMelo (BR) · Moniker Press (CA) · Note Well Press (UK) · Paper Pusher (CA) · Pausebread Press (CN) · Perfectly Acceptable (US) · Presto (FR) · Raum Press (ES) · Riso Lab (US) · RisoGrafi (NO) · Risomat (SK) · Risotrip (BR) · Risotto (UK) · Soft City Printing (US) · Soybot (AT) · The Ventriloquist Press (NO) · Tosam (NL) · Vide Press (CA) · We make it (DE) · Workcentre 232 (NL)

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