Risograph printing for aliens.

Exhibition »Colors unite!«

For the second biannual Magical Riso Conference at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in November 2017, we compiled the exhibition »Colors unite!«.
This Exhibition is showing a collection of Risograph printed color charts, how-to tutorials and ephemera made by Riso printers from all over the world.

The intention is to show the creativity, passion and skills riso printers all over the world put into those ephemera. They are an extract of pure enthusiasm and love for this technique. Beyond that they show the different approaches to this technique as there is no general manual to tread to understand the Riso process.

Afterwards it was also shown during the »Nitty Gritty« event at PrintRoom in Rotterdam. Now it is part of the public library Herbarium Riso.

Images by photography lab at JVE

Location: Jan Van Eyck Academy
Date: November 25th, 2016