Risograph printing for utopians.

Exhibition »Mine.«

You are warmly invited to the launch of the artzine »MINE. an asset-light existence« and opening of the exhibition on October 26th, 2013 at 7pm.
»MINE. an asset-light existence« is a work by Romy Kießling and Veronica Wüst in co-operation with Gloria Glitzer.

We will provide a sensation of privacy you might have lost.

»MINE. an asset-light existence« is a travel catalogue offering private home rentals near significant mines worldwide.

MINE: that which belongs to me – used without a following noun as an equivalent in meaning to the adjective my¹.

MINE: a pit or a tunnel from which mineral substances (as coal or gold) are taken¹.

1 in Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary, New York, 1993

The Artzine also includes contributions by Boaz Levin, Marcus Steinweg and María Verónica Seeger Bravo.

Mister Barista is perfoming for the opening.

The artzine can be found here.