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Workshop »Volk #3«

We invite you for the presentation of the »Volk #3« workshop’s outcome developed this week. Join us for an opening reception on August 16th, 2013 at 8pm.

Par­ti­cipants: Franziska Brandt · Clap Clap Club · Florent Dégé · Læti­tia Gorsy · Mor­itz Grünke
Alex­an­der Jack­son Wyatt · Paula-​​Marie Kane­fendt · David Voss

»As we are graphic designer, as actor of our visual land­scape, this labor­at­ory invites us to give our thoughts together on the facet of the ›pop­u­lar‹ and anonym­ous imagery: the mar­ket­ing product, the product place­ment from the 60’s till now.

Mar­ket­ing products are usu­ally com­posed by a product design (ache /​ clock /​ clothes /​ glasses /​ pen /​ etc.) + logo and some­times slo­gan.
We find them in bars, res­taur­ants, pub­lic places, some­times they are dis­trib­ut­ing in street as gim­micks /​ gad­gets. Nor­mally these products are not to sell, they are free or only exhibit (in bars /​ in pub­lic places). But, now we also find this kind of products in anti­kmar­ket, second hand shops, because they are cer­tainly linked to a kind of fash­ion and kitsch myth­o­logy and have exceeded the only status of advert­ising products by being now dec­or­at­ive objects in the daily life.« — Læti­tia Gorsy